Why interviews?

Our goal is to facilitate conversations among people who are passionate about what they do. Whatever it may be. 


 We value the unique insights of our friends, and that is why we sit down with one of them each month to catch up on their latest creative ventures. We hope to traverse the far-reaching corners of the Internet, and share our ideas with you from the homes of our favorite people.


feb 2019

on identity, culture and the inevitability of home coming.

We sat down with the partners of Lim+Lu, Elaine Lu and Vincent Lim to talk about the founding of their emerging practice and the potentials of design, architecture and business in Hong Hong.


nov 2018

better together.

Product designers Aiden Bowman and Josh Metersky talk about the value of partnership and their shared ambition for the future of Trueing.


Aug 2018

the TASTe of DREAMS.

Designer, writer and industry disruptor Mariela Alvarez reveals the secrets behind her drive to always do better and always do more.


Jun 2018

Venturing into the new.

C O S A 's co-founder Christine Lara Hoff talks about the opportunities and challenges of establishing her own design studio in Berlin.


apr 2018

disrupting conventions one beautifully crafted object at a time.

Fitchwork's founder Travis Fitch talks about his journey through design, hard work and entrepreneurship.

Michelle Esteva Cover.jpg

FEB 2018

THE FUTURE OF CHINATOWN; and what the soup has to do with it.

Chinatown Soup's Executive Director Michelle Marie Esteva envisions a democratized model for running an art space.  


JAN 2018

can cryptocurrency empower next-generation designers? 

Sndbox's co-founder Kirk Finkel thinks so.