Why breakfasts?

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.


We believe starting your day right will unleash creativity and productivity. Our gatherings allow us to connect regularly and foster strong relationships that will impact our livelihoods beyond the omelets we share. We promote an open dialogue and encourage the exchange of ideas. So, together, let's make the act of waking up great again.


How it works.


We will organize gatherings at private homes, new restaurants or other unique venues. Friends of Future Current are always encouraged to bring along another guest. We treasure the opinions of our group, but we are also curious about the voices of our future friends.


NO.008 Mar 2019

closing night: neotenic design EXHIBITION.

Our friends over at Jumbo have invited us to their closing panel discussion on the proliferation of neoteny, a.k.a. "cutness" in furniture and design. The panel featured Oli Stratford, Editor-in-Chief of Disegno Magazine, Justin Donnelly, curator of Neotenic Design and co-founder of JUMBO, Johan Schwind, Design Director, URBAN-X, MINI and Jonas Wagell, Swedish Architect and Designer.


NO.007 jan 2019

symmetry and technology.

Our friend Travis Fitch of Fitchwork hosted us at his studio to give us a glimpse into his design thinking and methodology, where we talked about the potentials of technology as it relates to design, identity and fabrication.


NO.006 OCT 2018


This gathering marked our half-year commitment as a group dedicated to the power of having breakfast together, where we talked about our aspirations for the future of Future Current. Inspired by the notion of transformation, the breakfast showcased the extraordinary variation produced by a single ingredient, the cacao bean.


NO.005 AUG 2018

Design For Scale.

URBAN-X and Future Current brought together a group of designers and entrepreneurs for a casual conversation about turning simple design visions into entrepreneurial solutions. We touched upon a diverse array of topics, ranging from design to business to politics to dirt bikes and everything in between!


no.004 jul 2018

A Taste of Bar Bruja.

Our friend Mariela Alvarez invited us to her home featuring recipes developed exclusively for her personal project, Bar Bruja. We sampled a variety of finger foods over an assortment of Mezcal Cocktails while experiencing Bar Bruja in the making!


no.003 jun 2018

Inside Out.

The group received an exclusive after-hour tour of The Metropolitan Museum of Art with exhibition designer Patrick Herron. We loved exploring the secret tunnels of the museum as much as learning about the design thinking behind each exhibition.


no.002 APR 2018

The Influence of Color.

We explored the theme of color and it's relationship to food at Uday Singh's cozy uptown apartment in Columbus Circle, New York. Classic breakfast items were chromatically curated over Uday's dinner table.


no.001 MAR 2018

Memory and Rituals.

We had casual conversations on design over traditional Japanese breakfast prepared by chef Ai Ito at her plant-filled loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The menu was inspired by Ai's childhood memories in the kitchen with her mom.