About us.

Our mission is to create a platform for inspiring individuals to advance their pursuits and build a community together over a plate of good food.


We see ourselves as hosts who bring together an intimate network of talented, interesting and like-minded people to connect, collaborate and thrive over food. With the intent to build upon traditional ways of networking and socializing, we organize breakfast gatherings once a month. We’ll have casual conversations on a wide variety of topics relating to creativity, design, business and life. After all, who doesn't like eggs, and who doesn't love bacon. Plus, there will be plenty of coffee. 



We love to eat, and just as important as the food we savor are the friends we make around the table.


In 2012, designers Kyriaki Kasabalis and Darius Woo started hosting gatherings for their close friends at their studio apartment in New York City, where everyone chipped in to cover the expenses of the meal. These events quickly became a social platform for the exchange of ideas between friends and friends of friends. They found the experience to be extremely rewarding and would like to invite other like-minded young professionals, emerging talents and budding entrepreneurs to join them at their table.